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Case Study

Web Application Consulting - Mindnotix

Web Application where anyone who can consult in any domain can register himself to offer his service worldwide. Any individual who require a service like studying US, immigration, medical etc can search for expert and book his appointment for video conferencing on a particular fixed date agreed by them mutually.


A US Client who has a startup idea; our team developed it from ideation to web applications.


We have challenges in the video conferencing and appointment calendar management.

Mindnotix Solutions

To build a separate video conferencing is also another development so we analyzed third party applications and settled with gotomeeting application, we also configured to work with our calendar module. With support from gotomeeting team we have successfully completed it.

1. Application has complete Admin Login to Mange the complete process

2. Each Individual consultant have appointment space to accept and reject the bookings

3. Based on the acceptance payment will be made and notification will receive both the end user and consultant

4. Gotomeeting is configured in way based on the appointment meeting will happen on specified date and will be tracked in the web application once its complete with a rating experience

5. Complete Profile Management for Consultant and User with transaction and previous consulting details.

Technologies Used

PHP, MYSQL, Codeigniter Framework