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Ibeacon Case Studies for Shopping Experience: Web Application- Android Application - IOS Application

This is a web and Mobile Application where an Ibeacon play the major integrator to supply information based on Bluetooth connectivity. Beacons are Bluetooth hardware device which will act as a broadcaster and Mobile Application would be the receivers.


Client want to build a real shopping experience to Mobile App where customer once reaches near the store they should get information on offers and other details. Customer without entering into multiple store they need to know the offers and discounts available in the stores.


Challenge is GPS will give location centric information, but in same location if we have more than 100 shops how the mobile app will identify the individual shop and get offers related to those stores. Indoor location of store has to be first defined and then information associated with it has to be pulled to the Mobile App. Most important how to manage huge data storage that is moving towards the Mobile App Device.

Mindnotix Solutions

We used Beacon a Bluetooth hardware device capable of broadcasting information to the Mobile app. Most important Ibeacon helped to identify indoor location of each individual store. We decided to go for cloud based backend system where data will be pulled and best part it data will not be stored to user device. Beacon support 1 meter broadcasting where offers that particular store will be broadcasted to all app users in that particular range. All the data in mobile from Bluetooth will be vanished when user shifts his location. Cloud based data broadcasting thought Ibeacons.

1. We have developed a backend system to control beacons in store locations

2. Each store has separate login to manage offers and discounts

3. Mobile app can be configured in a way that user can select category in which they wish to receive offers and other information

4. Mobile App has both Map and list view of Store and offers of the same

Technologies Used

ANDROID Studio, IOS, SWIFT Language, PHP, MYSQL, Code igniter Framework