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Augmented Reality is in which real world is connected with the virtual world through mobile application. Mobile application development of Augmented reality is the latest trends, but has emerged so earlier but came into live existence in recent times. Mindnotix is one of the top augment reality solutions providers in Coimbatore. We work with retailers, manufacturers, and construction and education sector for augment reality solutions.

Augment reality solution in education has huge demand since kids are learning the education by visualizing it. Kids not restricted to visualize they can interact with virtual character to understand it also play with it. Augment reality has increased the kid’s interest in learning to 20% which is huge comeback for education sector.

Manufacturer and construction companies are looking to build augment reality solution to make their customer to understand the process and also reduce the travel time. Yes using Mobile application by scanning the image the customer can view demo of the manufacturing products in 3D and also they visualize how the constructed house or apartment would be by a simple scan. It will reduce the demo cost by 80% which company plan to show a demo on the product.

Not restricted to above augment reality has a huge potential which can change your dimension of traditional business methods for sales and other process. Mindnotix is the best augmented reality app development in Coimbatore.


augmented reality app development

Augment Reality app we build so far

Solutions for Kids T-shirts to visualize it by scanning images will give 3D model of the image virtually

What is the traditional method user currently used?

Construction c companies to show the project plans and interior design to customer.

Kids education.

Demo of manufacturer products to overseas clients.

Location based Augment reality like a Pokémon game.

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