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Articulated Naturality Web (ANW), is a re-birth of the method of approaching a technology. Computer Vision is an ability to see the world what it is, as a 'scene', and also the elements imbibed within. For instance considering a room, computer vision exhibits the capability to see the floor, wall, table, chairs, paintings, dustbins in the room. Once the details of inner elements are picture perfect, it is easy to cleverly rely on the information.

ANW is capable to remove the barriers that exist in traditional Augmented Reality (AR). Traditional Augmented Reality is very flat.

articulated naturality web

ANW, brings a 3-D virtual universe, anywhere we are, anywhere we want. ANW allows to reveal things that are unknown from outside environment. For instance, while walking across a street, if you see a grocery shop, it is possible to identify the goods available in the grocery shop. ANW taps the information very intelligently, than flat Augmented Reality. For instance, if you want to book a room in a hotel, it is not level to star level of hotel and room type, rather we can take a clear view of the room interiors before making the booking. Consider if you want to set up an office with a dozen of tables and chairs, using ANW it is easy to change the colour of the table, material of the table, posture of the chairs, even before buying a single pair of table and a chair. ANW will break the barrier of conventional desktop, as ANW makes possibility to tap the information, wherever we are, whenever we want. Current technologies provide only 30%-40% of digital exposure but ANW will give 100% experience by embracing the virtual world.

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